How to improve the layout of the apartment

30.05.2019 16:20

How to improve the layout of the apartment

Many people suffer from unsuccessful planning of both apartments in general and individual rooms. This applies to the houses of the old buildings - mainly buildings of the last century. And everyone wants to reduce the inconvenience of such a plan to a minimum.

For example, long rooms, which very often are found in apartments of standard buildings. It is very difficult to furnish such a "trailer" decently. Here and psychological pressure from the "impending" walls, and a very limited choice of options for placement of furniture, and the inability to design a cozy corner for sleeping or relaxing.
But this problem can be solved with the right approach.

There are several ways, and they are all related to the number of windows in such a room.
If the room has two windows, then you can install a partition, dividing the room into two separate, each with its own window. The partition can be put both stationary and mobile - at your discretion.
If there is one window in such a room, then in this case there will be one room with the window, and the second, without natural light, can be a study room lit with artificial light. The partition can be a wardrobe, it is installed so that it opens from the side of the office.

If this option of dividing the space of the room into two rooms for some reason does not suit you, then there is another good opportunity to improve a room with elongated dimensions. At the far end of the room, part of the floor is raised, thus constructing a kind of stage (podium). As a result, the room is visually shortened, and looks completely different. With such a podium as if there was a new room with its interior. Here you can arrange and a study, and a recreation area. In modern apartments in such a zone (it is also called the chill-out zone) a large corner sofa, a glass table and a music center are installed. On the podium you can also equip: a mini-office in the living room, in the nursery - a computer corner, in the bedroom - a sleeping area, and in the bathroom - a place for a bathroom.

Winter garden, arranged on the podium would look just great, unusual and unique.
And in the main part of the room you can arrange furniture to your taste.
But apart from the inconvenient long form, the rooms are of such a design that it is very difficult to install the necessary furniture in it.

This applies to such premises in which the door and window openings are located unsuccessfully.
Here again, the need to adjust the layout of the room. If the door opens in such a way that room space is taken in, then instead of such a design, install a sliding door, or an accordion door.
In the corner room with two windows, you can install a suspended sliding partition - such as a screen, and arrange a recreation area by placing a soft corner.

It is possible to solve the problem of the angle between two windows in a different way - a rounding option. It will resemble a bay window, outlined by a curtain between two windows, and a semicircle of the wall. In this place, a semi-circular sofa in the English spirit will look good.
For apartments with an unsuccessful layout, an excellent solution would be
transforming furniture.

A table or bed that is inconvenient and bulky in such a room can be replaced by various retractable and reclining structures. Changing table, which can be folded into a bedside table or a desk, a pull-out bed, a folding table, a sofa with a built-in wardrobe, a loft bed with a working area below. ... Such transformers are arranged only as needed.

A good way out for apartments with an inconvenient layout will be furniture made to individual sizes. Sliding wardrobes which mask under walls are very popular, saving thereby space.

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