Connectors for home audio/video systems

12.04.2021 20:22

Connectors for home audio/video systems

At the modern electronic appliances, there is a variety of connectors types. Due to them, the device receives signals that reproduce a picture or a sound. Also, connectors are needed for current transmission to different types of devices. A new standard of product - usb 3.0 connector - was met by customers gladly because it is simple and provides high-speed data transfer between PCs and peripherals. Most of the new computers and devices released today support USB 3.0. Its second name is SuperSpeed USB.

Features and functionality of the usb 3.0 connector

Connectors for home audio/video systemsDevices compatible with the USB connector can transmit data at a maximum speed - 5 Gbit/s. These are new data transfer capabilities that are significantly superior to previous USB types, such as USB 2.0.

Advantages of the usb 3.0 connector:

  1. High data transfer rate-up to 5 Gbit/s;
  2. Eight electrical contacts, not four, as were in previous versions;
  3. The controller can immediately send and receive data;
  4. USB 3.0 provides power to devices with a current of up to 900 mA, and so now it takes less time to recharge the battery.

Previous USB devices, cables, and adapters may be physically compatible with the new connector, but for maximum data transfer speeds, all devices must support USB 3.0.

Which devices is the coaxial connector suitable for?

Modern TVs are equipped with numerous connectors for various purposes. They are necessary so that TV system can receive all available types of signals. The variety of connectors is necessary to expand the compatibility of equipment of different generations and from different manufacturers. The coaxial connector provides communication between the device and the antenna.

Coaxial digital cable transmits a digital audio signal between two devices. It is commonly used with home theater receivers, music streaming devices, and disc players. According to the functional purpose, the following types of connectors are distinguished:

  1. Dashboards;
  2. Cable;
  3. Dashboards and cable systems.

When choosing the antenna connector and the cable to it, it is necessary to pay attention to the main property of the coaxial cable - the resistance of 75 Ohms, which is indicated on the insulation. It is also very important to use RJ45 connectors, audio and video connectors and others to connect various digital devices in your home, car and other places.

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